Photo Submissions

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      Do you have a shot of your British car in action? Whether it be racing in a vintage event or cruising down a great country road - we'd like to see it. How about a junkyard treasure you stumbled across? Bring out the armchair restorer in all of us with your photograph. Lets keep it interesting and show the cars doing what they were built for or hopelessly beyond the ability to do so.
     You can also submit a photo of your pride and joy for the Visitor's Vehicles Gallery. Be sure to include a small blurb or story about the car to go with the picture.

 You have two ways to send us your photo:

1) E-mail the photo to

2) Mail to: Allan Lewis, RR#2, Singhampton, Ontario, Canada, N0C-1M0.

     Be sure to include some information about the shot for a caption. Please include $1 to cover return postage if you would like your photo returned.

Thank You!